Luigino Bettio

Contracts Manager (CEO)

Lui’s aspiration for Construction started from a young age through his exposure as a bricklayer. With over 40 years of experience, Lui obtained his builder’s license following his dream of creating a growing family business to provide clients with a high commitment to quality and innovation.  His position as Managing Director allowed him to continue to be a hands-on contributor to projects.

Striving at all times to remain at the forefront of technical excellence, Lui has a focus on exploring the latest industry developments and technologies to ensure he can add real value to clients.

He enjoys the challenge and growing into the Facility Management division realising the need for all individual requirements and the great awareness of the support and need for modifications and maintenance allowing the client to live in their own homes.

Lui’s focus is to provide asset management reports detailing and consulting with the client to ensure maintenance works are delivered in the most cost-effective, efficient manner and by undertaking increased preventative maintenance, the Whole of Life of Assets will increase along with a reduction in preventative maintenance.

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