Registered NDIS provider

At Torrens Facility Management we are very passionate in delivering services for clients to have the ability to become more independent in their own homes. 

Torrens Facility Management is a registered NDIS provider for home modifications.

Our staff and subcontractors have extensive knowledge and experience in the interpretation and delivery of Occupational Therapy home modications and associated services for participants. Torrens Facility Management provides this service to non government organisation, government and private clients. 

We have access to a range of suppliers which provide coverage of different products and services to complete home modifications. In addition, our supervisors and administrators are fully qualified in dealing with associated services for participants and have a great awareness of the support and need for these modifications allowing the client to live in their own homes.

All Torrens Facility Management staff have undertaken the ‘Quality, Safety and You’ NDIS Worker Orientation Module.

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