Our Approach


Torrens Facility Management is committed to the protection of the environment in all of its operations.  In order to fulfill this commitment while at the same time satisfying all relevant statutory requirements

Our Commitment to our Customers

Torrens Facility Management is committed to managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner at all times.


We communicate this Policy to our workers, Subcontractors, business associates, and the broader community where necessary.

Risk Management

We recognise our responsibility to undertake all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent or minimise any activity which pollutes or might pollute or cause harm to the environment.

Supporting our People

We educate our workers, Subcontractors, and service providers on their environmental responsibilities to ensure that this is integrated into our work practices, training, and decision making.

We provide education and training to key personnel in environmental regulation and operating procedures and ensure workers are aware of and integrate EMP considerations into their day-to-day activities.

We provide clear guidelines on practices and procedures which may impact the health and safety of our workers or on the environment.


We are inclusive of the needs and expectations of Indigenous people during the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of services provided. By embracing the framework of Torrens Facility Management Cultural Inclusion Plan and Reconciliation Action Plan we will make positive and practical contributions to Indigenous South Australians. 

Assessing our cultural competence regarding Indigenous people will provide better quality and more appropriate services. 

This is a great opportunity to ensure that the needs of Indigenous people are culturally acknowledged and they receive the appropriate recognition within the provision of valued services. 

Through our past and present works, we have built a rapport with several Indigenous communities and continue to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship.



  At Torrens Facility Management we embrace diversity across our business in age, gender skills, and experience.


Our teamwork with a range of clients and ensure that we understand our staff, client and communities in which we operate.

code of conduct

Torrens Facility Management are committed to providing a high level of service such as:

  •    respectful, effective, and productive communication
  •    courtesy, propriety, and privacy
  •    punctuality and confidentiality
  •    behaving in a courteous manner and maintain a professional and fair approach
  •    honouring agreements and undertakings and communicate with our clients, workers, and subcontractors.
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